Shevchenkovo, Cherkassy region, Ukraine





Ukrainian girl


Hi everyone!
Wondering how to create a handmade authentic doll?My name is Halyna, and for more than 10 years I’ve been creating Ukrainian authentic dolls and conducting workshops for children and adults.
In 2014 for the first time in my life I saw Ukrainian handmade folk dolls at the museum exhibition. Those works inspired me so much that I decided to create such a doll on my own.
I recalled that my mother used to make such dolls for me when I was a child. This warm memory made the whole process for me even more special. So I have been creating handmade folk dolls since 2014 and up till now.
Every day I work on improving my skills and learn new things. I read a lot of thematic literature, watch master classes of famous craftsmen.
I have a vast experience in holding workshops for children and adults of different ages.
By the way, I am from Ukraine which is very rich in traditions. Moreover, it is said that being brave is our brand.
So let’s open the world of Ukrainian traditions together and build a bridge between our cultures!